We are a team of business strategists, marketers, designers and creatives providing consulting services and business solutions.

Who We Are

We believe in using the power of collective intelligence to partner with our clients to grow their business. By finding untapped opportunities and revenue, our mission is to provide a support system for our clients so they can successfully advance their business through innovation and vision realization.

What We Do

By working together, we create positive change for companies across several industries–including restaurants, private clubs, small retailers, entrepreneurial enterprises, hotels and resorts–in an effort to help independent businesses and clubs maintain a prosperous and competitive role in our economy and the world.

How We Work

We partner with our clients. We ask questions. We leverage combined experience. We identify strengths and opportunities. We challenge limited thinking. We create a simple, but innovative plan. We instill accountability. We expect follow-through. We dream big for ourselves and others. We inSPIRE.

Coffee & Consult

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We use innovation, collective intelligence, and deliberate thinking

to rescue owners and managers, who feel they are stuck, struggling and frustrated, by uncovering tactical opportunities.

Unlike other firms who apply cookie cutter solutions, we know your challenges are unique. We provide authentic breakthroughs. We use the brightest, most inspired thinking to solve, not just today’s business problems, but those that companies don’t know are waiting for them tomorrow.

Dig deeper

Be ready. We’re going to roll up our sleeves and ask the tough questions. We’ll push you to see truths and open your mind to what you may be missing. It may not always be fun, but we promise it will be highly productive. (Okay, we’ll try to make it a little fun.)

Some of the services we specialize in at The Spire Group

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Innovative and Strategic Planning

At The Spire Group, we use a balanced approach to formulating your road map to success. We fuse objective analysis with the principles of insight and innovation to break through and systematically grow your business.

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Marketing and Sales

Marketing and sales are the lifeblood of many businesses, yet you may have noticed that both disciplines are evolving rapidly. The Spire Group helps ensure that your marketing and sales strategies are aligned to changing technologies. We know the formula for success amidst the uncertainty and we want to share it with you.

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Staff and Team Training

A great team of employees is comprised of executives, managers and staff who feel they’ve got a real stake in the overall success of the business. Our proven learning approach delivers cost-effective, professional development and training, without disrupting day-to-day operations.

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Hiring and promoting the right employees requires a valid, analytical process for gathering information about individuals. The Spire Group can do this for you efficiently, effectively and fairly – without tying up your staff – leaving you and your workers free to, well…work!

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Leadership Training

Strengthen your team, clarify your vision, align your goals and build a better business. Let our team show you how to gain traction using  simple and powerful sets of strategic tools. The Spire Group can take your business where it really needs to go.

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Recruitment, Hiring and Selection

Recruiting professional talent is time-consuming, expensive and stressful. So is searching for a new position. At The Spire Group, we help small businesses, restaurants, private clubs and lodging properties find high potential candidates and we bring job seekers their dream opportunities.


Worth Every Penny

Ryan’s expertise in the hospitality industry made an immediate impact on our level of service and most importantly our financial performance. I would highly recommend Ryan to anyone looking to improve their company’s performance. Worth every penny!

Mark Bergman
Owner, Old Hickory Golf Club, Beaver Dam, WI
Not familiar with Masterminding?

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What's your spire?

We came across an excerpt from innovative business strategist, Ellen Ercolini that inspired us: 

“You should think about your work as a cathedral. Cathedrals have tons of rooms, but they all connect and lead to the spire, which soars up into the world. Your spire is your big THING. It’s the core of what you do.”

And that’s what The Spire Group is here to do. We work with you and your team to help you focus, connecting all the parts and pieces, for greater clarity and opportunity. We’re here to unleash your genius and make an impact. A big impact. We’re here to find your spire.