At The Spire Group

 We have an exceptionally talented team of left- and right-brain strategists.

Whether we become fully engaged in your business or help you pursue a specific task, we bring everything we have to the table. We work with you to find unique solutions to your business goals.

We look forward to meeting with you to see how partnering together can benefit your business.

Executive team

Ryan Doerr


Certified Coach, Master Facilitator

Ryan Doerr, a serial entrepreneur, brings over 26 years’ experience in business strategy and turnaround, process improvement, building winning teams, growing companies and getting results for employers, clients, as well in his own businesses. Ryan and his team serve a variety of industries ranging from Hospitality, Retail, Professional Services and Manufacturing. Ryan is a multiple business owner, successfully running several businesses over the years. He has brought these talents and experiences to others to help them succeed in their businesses.

Leveraging his experience, Ryan founded his original consulting firm in 2005, focusing on the Hospitality, Golf, and Private Club industries. Fokus Forward was developed in response to the needs of his many colleagues and clients. His success lies with a proven strategic process. As Ryan’s company and team grew, so did the breadth of services he provides. With this expansion, a new name was born: The Spire Group.

Through re-branding, The Spire Group has developed a single-point solution for business owners. We get under the hood of your business and have the resources you need under one roof. With the members of our team and our trusted strategic partners, we provide our clients with the single-point B2B service solutions they require. We know it can be challenging to find a trusted business partner, which is why we have brought together a network of strategists, problem solvers, and go-getters who work with our clients to get them the results they need.

3 real facts about Ryan

Most embarrassing song on my iPhone:

“When You Wish Upon a Star”

Famous person I’d like to have coffee with:

Walt Disney

Invisibility or Ability to Fly:

Invisibilty. I would have no boundaries and get the real truth from others without them holding back for fear of judgment.

3 cool facts about Brendhan

Perfect vacation:

Driving with no destination in mind through the U.S., trunk full of my golf clubs and fishing gear.

Favorite food as a child:

Big Mac. Still hold a record for eating five in one sitting when I was 10 years old.

The movie star I’d like to be reincarnated as:

John Wayne. Tough, strong and always tried to do right by people.

Brendhan McClusky

Consultant, Strategist

Born in Galveston Texas and raised in Milwaukee, Brendhan earned a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the University Wisconsin Stout in 1991. 

Brendhan has managed both back and front of house operations for more than 25 years, from coast to coast. He has developed restaurant brands and opened multiple locations, such as Houston’s Restaurants, Maggiano’s Little Italy, (Lettuce Entertain You, Brinker International) and Thunder Bay Grills (Heart of America).

In 2017, Brendhan partnered with The Spire Group to expand his consulting business. Together they provide strategic services for large and small companies, hiring, training, systems enhancement, culture development, team building, planning, budgeting, and more.

His hospitality experience is diverse and includes: fine dining,  taverns, casual dining, catering, banquets and institutional food operations. He’s hired, trained and developed countless management teams. His “anything is possible” belief and “you are not living unless you are growing” attitude have been consistent themes throughout his career.

Joe Flynn

Consultant, Strategist

Joe Flynn is a 19 year veteran in the hospitality and small business. He has worked in every aspect of food and beverage including private country clubs, find dining, special events, concessions and bar management. Other areas of expertise include profit and loss analysis, strategic planning food and labor cost controls, menu development, payroll, human resources, golf operations, merchandising and employee development. He started his career as a golf professional and has also played competitively at every level. Joe brings first hand experience to maximize results for clients.

3 fun facts about Joe

Perfect vacation:

Playing the any hole at Augusta National

Favorite food as a child:

Kraft Mac and Cheese…what could be better 

Which movie star would you like to be reincarnated as:

 Tom Cruise in Top Gun

3 vital facts about Laura

 If I were a car, which would I be:

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. I can’t think of a better way to spread joy mile for mile.

Favorite childhood TV show:

Joanie loves Chachi

If I were an Olympic athlete, I would compete in:

Luge. Almost no running or jumping involved.

Laura Leszczynski

VP of Marketing

Laura Leszczynski is a marketing ace with a special affinity for helping companies create their own unique brand identity. During her over 25-year career, she has nailed the secret to using neuromarketing best practices to help small-medium businesses catapult their market share far beyond initial projection.

Serving a wide range of industries and clients, Laura soon realized she had developed a special expertise working with small business owners. In addition to owning her own marketing agency, Boost Creative Group, she possesses an impressively diverse resume of experiences and expertise, including co-founding a 400-athlete youth volleyball club, working on an IPO for the garbage industry, and serving and managing in the restaurant industry.

Laura has years of experience working with clients from the point of start-up to celebrating their 10-year anniversaries. She’ll even bake a delicious cake for the celebration.

Lyn Falk

Consumer Behavior Specialist

Consultant, Speaker, Author

Lyn has devoted the past 30 years to teaching and helping retailers and business professionals build healthy, purposeful and productive spaces that move hearts, minds & merchandise.

Her expertise in retail design, business, science, and consumer psychology has helped her develop designs that not only meet but often exceed her client’s projected goals/sales. Her work demonstrates the positive influence a well–designed environment has on a business’s bottom line.

Lyn Falk started Retailworks, Inc in 1995 and quickly built it into an award winning, nationally recognized boutique design firm which achieved over a million in sales within the first five years.

In 2009, she started “I LOVE That Display!”, a rapidly growing visual merchandising & display division. Her team of display artists provides branded and seasonal displays for corporate environments, and thought-provoking, attention- getting displays for retail environments.

She has years of speaking, consulting, and writing experience. She is the perfect fit to the Spire Team as she brings a great wit, smart thinking and a creative perspective in all she does.

Lyn Falk Retailworks head shot black and white

3 true facts about Lyn

What is my shining attribute yet my biggest shadow:

Being a workaholic.

3 words that describe me:

Creative, holistic, results-oriented.

If I were a flavor of ice cream I would be:

Peanut butter chocolate

nevena jevtic strategic club solutions

3 vital facts about Nevena

Favorite place I’ve traveled:

It will always be traveling back home

Best way to spend a Saturday:

Hiking nature trails & getting some ice cream afterwards

If I were a superhero, I would want to be:

The pink Power Ranger…. 90s version

Nevena Jevtic

Marketing & HR Assistant

Born in Jagodina, Serbia and raised on the northwest side of Chicago, Nevena has worked in various industries ranging from niche retail markets to private city clubs. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Industrial & Organizational Psychology from DePaul University in Chicago, her interests in employee turnover, organizational change, and other topics led her to enroll in a Masters program in I/O Psychology at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

She is currently in her final year in the program, which she describes as the “people side of an MBA”.

Nevena plans to continue her education and earn a PhD in Industrial & Organizational Psychology. She strives to use her knowledge and partner with businesses in need of a strategic business partner.