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 We have an exceptionally talented team of left- and right-brain strategists.

Whether we become fully engaged in your business or help you pursue a specific task, we bring everything we have to the table. We work with you to find unique solutions to your business goals.

We look forward to meeting with you to see how partnering together can benefit your business.

Executive team

Ryan Doerr


Certified Coach, Master Facilitator

Ryan is an award-winning, industry-recognized small business expert, consultant and coach who specializes in providing strategies to help small businesses strengthen their operations, improve their customer experience, build capable teams and increase their overall financial health. Over the past 29 years, Ryan has owned multiple businesses and helped many small business owners.

Ryan has over 29 years of experience in business largely in the service industry, including hospitality, professional and home services. He has served large corporations including Walt Disney World, ClubCorp and Arnold Palmer, but also single-operator restaurants, hotels, lawn service, plumbing, electrical, accounting, security, HVAC, non-profits, churchers, charitable organizations and 501c7 clubs.

Ryan has both the first-hand experience and business acumen needed to help business owners create a great work environment and deliver a consistent, high-quality and profitable experience to their customers.

Ryan’s understanding of the challenges faced by business owners across multiple industries is vast. He founded his business consulting company, Fokus Forward LLC (now The Spire Group), in 2005. When he rebranded to become The Spire Group, Ryan began recruiting top talent that shared his affinity for helping others and solving problems to help small business owners thrive. Ryan and his team help owners, boards and management teams unlock opportunities within their business, taking them to previously unthinkable new heights.

Ryan has served over 298 Small Businesses over the last 15 years and received numerous awards, including Boardroom Magazine 2019 Excellence in Achievement for Strategic Planning, Golf Inc. 2019 Advisor of the Year, and CIO Applications 2019 Top Management Solutions Provider. He is a nationally renowned speaker and speaks to industry groups across the country at general business and trade educational conferences. 

Work with Ryan to connect patterns and find core problems and opportunities rather than just treating the obvious symptoms. You’ll see tangible results and a positive impact that will transform the success of your business for years to come.

3 real facts about Ryan

Most embarrassing song on my iPhone:

“When You Wish Upon a Star”

Famous person I’d like to have coffee with:

Walt Disney

Invisibility or Ability to Fly:

Invisibilty. I would have no boundaries and get the real truth from others without them holding back for fear of judgment.

3 vital facts about Laura

 If I were a car, which would I be:

The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. I can’t think of a better way to spread joy mile for mile.

Favorite childhood TV show:

Joanie loves Chachi

If I were an Olympic athlete, I would compete in:

Luge. Almost no running or jumping involved.

Laura Leszczynski

VP of Marketing & Strategy

Laura is a marketing and branding expert who uses research-backed, neuromarketing best practices and principles to help businesses define their brand and integrate it within every customer touchpoint and experience. She aids with brainstorming, messaging, branding, planning and developing deliverables to tell a business’ story and create more loyal customers.

Laura founded and has directed a full service marketing firm for 27 years and has experience working with a variety of clients in the restaurant and hospitality industries. She serves on the Board of Education Foundation and is an active member of TEMPO Milwaukee.

Laura has served numerous small businesses with services including developing sales strategies to increase sales and customer satisfaction, creating a brand identity, design and creative execution, creating websites, copywriting and editing, ad creation for print, tv, and outdoor, producing original artwork, launching new products and more.

For years, Laura has attended conferences like NMSBA (Neuromarketing, Science and Business), studied the theories of neuromarketing experts like Roger Dooley, and taken classes from branding and storytelling champion, Donald Miller. She leverages her skills and experiences to create smart, proven strategies that help businesses define who they are, what makes them unique, and what makes loyal customers. Once she helps a business understand its true identity, she uses this as a framework to develop influential messaging, creative deliverables and powerful marketing strategies.

Laura is a fun and engaging official CMAA speaker and has presented nationally on topics including “The Power of a Brand,” “The Power of Pictures: Tips and Triggers for Motivating your Audience Through Images,” “How to Use Brain Science to Better Understand your Audience,” and “Using Neuromarketing Tips to Run a Better Club.”

When you work with Laura, she’ll challenge and encourage you to approach your brand and story with a fresh perspective while creating results that increase customer loyalty and prospective customers’ desire to be a part of something so incredible.

Allie Jeka

Director of Marketing & Communications

Allie is a digital marketing and brand strategist, social media expert and copywriter who helps brands use the power of messaging and marketing materials to engage current customers and attract future ones.

Allie has years of experience working as a digital marketing and social media strategist for a variety of industries and clients. She specializes in website design, search engine optimization, social media strategy, and email marketing. She uses her background in psychology to effectively tell stories that inspire action among her target audience.

With her expansive social media experience, Allie helps brands create unique and captivating content, gain more engaged followers and leverage influencer partnerships to put their business in front of the right people.

Allie is passionate about supporting small businesses and has worked with many in a variety of industries. She has taught small businesses how to leverage social media to their advantage through Local First Milwaukee. Additionally, Allie is a skilled copywriter who has written for a variety of local and national publications. She writes regular social media and digital marketing columns for a national magazine, and has taught business owners in publications including Independent Retailer, Main Street America, Lawn & Garden Retailer and more.

Allie works with businesses to craft messaging to tell the story of their brand and promote it through digital channels. She develops communication strategies and content calendars and creates newsletters, email campaigns, flyers, brochures, social and digital content, websites and more get the right message in front of the right people at the right time.

When you work with Allie, she’ll help you tell your story and create influential messaging and marketing pieces that will engage current customers and attract new ones.

3 fun facts about Allie

Perfect vacation:

Enjoying nature on Kiawah Island, SC

Favorite food as a child:

Grilled cheese – and it’s still a favorite!

Most-wanted super power:


3 cool facts about John

 Best golf experience:

Qualified to play at Cypress Point Golf Club in high school

First dish I mastered:

Spaghetti Carbonara

Favorite concert experience:

Being next to the stage to see Joe Walsh perform

John Clark, CPA Inactive

Accounting & Finance Consultant

John has over 30 years of experience as a business leader and has brought success to companies including Kemper Sports, First Tee, Potbelly, Jimmy Johns and Deloitte & Touche.  He has been deeply involved with over 20 different industry segments, many of them small and medium-sized businesses. His breadth of business and financial acumen combined with his skills in food service, hospitality, manufacturing and non-profit management allow him to align a company’s business and financial goals to ensure financial health and a best-in-class customer experience.

John specializes in aligning an organization’s strategic goals with actionable plans to achieve lasting growth. He has extensive experience raising and securing long-term capital, streamlining mergers and acquisitions, improving cash flow and developing programs to reduce costs without negatively impacting the customer experience. His working knowledge of back-of-the-house aspects, including assisting executive management and accounting staff, allows him to improve an organization’s financial acumen relative to key roles and align with strategic and tactical goals. John helps businesses to achieve their full financial and business potential.

John has helped organizations restructure and realign their strategic and operational plans to achieve improved cash flow. Areas of focus have included streamlining employee benefit costs to reduce costs without diminishing employee coverage, reducing utility costs by eliminating excess capacity charges and unnecessary fees, reducing waste and helping a company improve its profitability by over $2 million.

Lyn Falk

Consumer Behavior Specialist

Consultant, Speaker, Author

Lyn is a consumer behavior specialist, business strategist and award winning interior designer with over 30 years of experience creating intentional and engaging environments that bring brands to life. She uses her knowledge of design, business, consumer behavior and environmental psychology to craft interactive and emotionally engaging experiences that delight customers, elevate brands and increase bottom lines. Lyn’s ability to create an exceptional customer experience translates perfectly to any business — she shows owners and managers how to adapt their physical environments to maximize interest and engagement.

Lyn is the founder of Retailworks, Inc., a branding, design and consulting firm specializing in retail, corporate and hospitality spaces. (

Lyn Falk Retailworks head shot black and white

3 true facts about Lyn

What is my shining attribute yet my biggest shadow:

Being a workaholic.

3 words that describe me:

Creative, holistic, results-oriented.

If I were a flavor of ice cream I would be:

Peanut butter chocolate

3 vital facts about Nevena

Favorite place I’ve traveled:

It will always be traveling back home

Best way to spend a Saturday:

Hiking nature trails & getting some ice cream afterwards

If I were a superhero, I would want to be:

The pink Power Ranger…. 90s version

Nevena Jevtic

Marketing & HR Assistant

As a Human Resources professional, Nevena helps company leaders and management attract and hire talent that best fits their organization. As a survey specialist, she uses her background in survey development to build and conduct comprehensive and strategic company-wide surveys to provide valuable insight and rich feedback in a digestible format. Nevena excels at conducting satisfaction, exit, and pulse surveys. In addition, Nevena specializes in advising HR “departments of one,” serving as a subject matter expert, and leading various company audits.

Nevena has over a decade of experience working in various industries ranging from niche retail markets, administrative settings, private city clubs, and leading special projects in various other industries such as non-profit and education. Nevena holds a Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology as well as the prestigious SHRM-CP certification. 

Nevena has extensive knowledge of Human Resources and psychological factors affecting employees at work. She specializes in employee turnover, retention, and organizational change. Work with Nevena to achieve a stronger understanding of your employees, your company goals, and your team. She understands that a great organization listens to their people, hears what is and isn’t working, and implements change to better serve them.