Great minds never think alike. That's why we link them together with Club Masterminds.

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What is Club Masterminds?

Answers. Ideas. Accountability. Support.

You’ve found the secret to success.
Club Masterminds is an exclusive opportunity for the best and brightest in the Restaurant, Club, Hospitality and Small Business industries.
Groups of 6-10 professionals connect on a regularly scheduled basis. Members exchange ideas and leverage their collective knowledge to achieve their goals—while holding each other accountable. 
Masterminding offers an affordable, proven model that provides a safe, confidential environment allowing open, honest and constructive feedback. 

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Ready to use collective knowledge to boost your career beyond the limits of working alone?

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We all put in long days and our schedules are busy. Club Masterminds leverages technology to connect you with your group. Meetings are conducted over video conference from the comfort and privacy of your home or office.


You get help and ideas from an on-demand library of must-have industry resources from a variety of sources. Instantly implement these resources in the day-to-day running of your club or business, instead of constantly reinventing the wheel.


Coaches and consultants are expensive. Club Masterminds pays for itself when you learn from others and avoid costly mistakes. Group members introduce you to innovative revenue opportunities, growth strategies, new product ideas and other smart ways to grow your business and market share.


A vital part of The CM Experience is keeping each group balanced, strategic and focused. You will be carefully matched to the Club Masterminds group that will offer you the best possible advantage and outcome. In addition, we will ensure you are not in a group with professionals from your competing market. We set you up with the strongest team to help you succeed.


Periodically, Club Masterminds will bring you exciting guest speakers who are at the top of their game. Not only will you have access to their educational and enlightening presentations, you can share your access with team members and other peer professionals. For added value, we will work with you to earn continuing education credits in your professional association or organization.


The Club Masterminds experience offers incredible value and peace of mind. No longer will you feel alone, wondering if you’re making the right choices. Grow personally and professionally, while making strategic industry connections you can’t make anywhere else.

Visual learner? Here's a video explaining the advantages of membership in Club Masterminds.

I felt like I was stuck

I felt like I was getting stuck—same events, same struggle to bring in new association members, same challenges with retention. It wasn’t until I was able to lean on the other group members in my Club Masterminds group that change started to happen. By sharing their experiences, I learned from their mistakes and successes. I don’t know what life would be like without it.

Tom Jacobson
Executive Director, Private non-profit association, WI


The concept of Masterminding may be new to you...

but it's actually a proven formula that's been around a long time.

Napoleon Hill’s ground-breaking book, Think and Grow Rich, (1937) describes a Mastermind Group as, “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose in the spirit of harmony.”

Club Masterminds catapults this paradigm into the Restaurant, Club, Hospitality and Small Business Industries. We bring together impressive individuals with commonalities who meet on a regular basis and push each other to succeed. Club Masterminds inspires its members to share successes, receive feedback about challenges, brainstorm new possibilities and commit to being accountable to the group. It’s a confidential community of supportive colleagues who will motivate you to new heights.

FDR, Andrew Carnegie, Bill Gates all participated in mastermind groups, tapping the power of this collective intelligence…

and now it’s your turn.

Think and Grow Rick Book